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Joni is 70, which means we only have at least 50-60 more years with her.

Please enjoy this classic interview, and a carefully-curated selection of videos of Joni Mitchell being perfect and then one video of a different cool dame covering “Down to You,” which is the best song by the best person in the world. This is also your annual reminder to stop whatever you’re doing and buy Sheila Weller’s triple biography of (BRACE YOURSELF):

Joni Mitchell.
Carole King.
Carly Simon.

Now, videos.

Impossibly young, and singing “California”:

Impossibly young, and singing “Big Yellow Taxi”:

Impossibly young, and singing “A Case of You”:

Impossibly young, and singing “Both Sides Now”:

“Both Sides Now” in 2000:

A complete concert from 1970:

An interview she did with the CBC:

The aforementioned cover of “Down to You” by Robin Adler and Mutts of the Planet:

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