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Dearest Toasties, the holiday season is officially about to begin. The Bartender’s birthday is in a few days and things are feeling festive. Note the beautiful dessert and port in the picture to the left. Gorgeous. But you know what The Bartender won’t have on his/her birthday? THAT. I’m about to get very polarizing and say that vegan desserts are not great. I felt tricked. Soy butter is not an adequate substitute for anything.

Here’s your chance to prove me wrong with some amazing recipes. Or talk about how much soy milk sucks (note: bartender is allergic to soy milk, hence particular anger at pretty dessert). Did you know that stressed backwards is desserts? You’ll never wonder about the number of s’s again.

Now, comment please. It doesn’t have to be about dessert, can be about Hild, or The Goldfinch, or Mary Oliver’s Dog Songs or other good books, though not necessarily gifty ones, I’m not ready for that yet.

The Bartender knows toast.

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