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(Come visit scenic, un-genocided Gallifrey!)

Fuck that noise, man. WHAT?

If you’ve come this far, you either know that the combined force of the Doctors and a slightly immobile, feral Rose Tyler served to un-destroy Gallifrey. In the past. Oh, you still can’t VISIT, or anything, but it’s hanging out there somewhere in the wibbly-wobbliness.

So, right, we can’t use it, but this wellspring of sorrow and gravity and the weight of the responsibility of the Doctor is gone.

It’s nonsense. It’s NONSENSE. When a planet goes, it’s gone.

“Alderaan is FINE, the power of the Force reunited all its bits and now they have universal health care and ponies.”

“Vulcan’s back! The two Spocks touched hands over a picture of Spock’s mom and there was a big CH-CHUNK noise and there it was and everyone’s happy.”


I’m open to opposing viewpoints, I just think it was a real bush league move.

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