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urlArchives for The Toast’s Femslash Friday feature are here. This is a bonus, for your edification and weekend reading pleasure.

Fandom loves the penis. An exploration of why could take a while (start here!), but let’s just say that while fandom may love awesome women, it’s the dudes, awesome or not, who generally get to have all the gay sex. (White dudes. Straight-in-canon white dudes. Ahem.)

Fortunately, there is great femslash to be found if you look, from reinterpreting classic kids’ lit to writing better stories for the women on current television. I’m here to save you the looking part.

Television and Movies

Heavy Is The Head by devilinacardigan (Mellie Grant/Olivia Pope, Scandal)

Hey, you know how Fitz kind of sucks? Imagine if Mellie divorced him and ran for president. And did whatever it took to win. And had some hot sex with Olivia. Better now?

(Also, this story is a little rough around the edges but it’s fairly rare to find explicit femslash so I can’t resist including it.)

imgres-2You can’t put back a petal when it falls from a flower by zvi (Cristina/Meredith, Grey’s Anatomy)

Milk’s already in the cereal, isn’t it?” says Meredith. She gives Cristina a mug and a kiss and sits down in front of her bowl. “Also, before we have sex, I should probably dump Derek.”

Like, 90% of the reason my roommate and I used to watch this show, other than swooning over Addison’s shiny pretty hair, was to complain about Derek Shepherd.

Cristina says, “It’s not gay without pussy, Meredith.” 

I want to marry this story.

Boston Marriage by Jae (Rory Gilmore/Paris Geller, Gilmore Girls)

Because sometimes super high-achieving, attractive girls should stop constantly competing with each other and make out.

If you feel like winning by Jintian (Torrance/Isis, Bring It On)

OK, it’s easy to pair up Torrance and Missy, what with sharing a bed and wearing tiny cheerleader panties and hello, have you seen Eliza Dushku in anything ever? But what if Torrance went to college and reconnected with the tall, gorgeous, smart and tough captain of the rival Clovers, who might just be the one person who really gets her?

How the mouth changes its shape by breathedout (John/Sherlock, Sherlock [genderswap])

Because fandom is nothing if not creative, sometimes writers in a fandom with primarily male characters will swap the genders of one or both members of a popular pairing. This can have interesting political dimensions — how is life different for the swapped character? If only one is swapped (very common), is it really so they can perform heteronormativity? — or just be another way to write about sexy times.

I had the privilege of being an editor on this amazing, novel-length story in which Sherlock and “Johnnie” are lesbians in 1950s London, one a cross-dressing detective and one a WWII vet. There’s mystery-solving and underground lesbian clubs and exploration of their sexual identity amidst the rigid butch/femme dynamic of the time, plus motorcycles and sex and subplots and all the stuff you want in a good long bathtub read.

Buffy-Faith-buffy-vs-faith-5981410-450-338Sympathetic Magic by gloss (Buffy/Faith, Buffy the Vampire Slayer)

Yeah, so, see above re: Eliza Dushku. You can’t watch five minutes of these two without wanting them to bang. Which is pretty much all they do in this super-NSFW and kinky story.

(Bonus Buffy/Faith: Theurgy by Jintian, less porn, more exploration of their thorny light/dark relationship.)

Books and Theater

Roll in the Burlington by breathedout (Anne Shirley/Katherine Brooke, Anne of Green Gables)

Katherine Brooke, lately of Summerside, Prince Edward Island, stood for the seventeenth night running on a makeshift stage under crude footlights in a top hat and scarlet tails. 

Katherine-with-a-K gets off PEI, pines a little, and goes Sarah Waters.

Love and Longing by Lysismache (Emma Woodhouse/Original Female Character, Emma)

In which Emma is secretly gay because oh my god of course she is. The obsession with Harriet’s love life! The portrait-painting scene! The determination to remain rich and unmarried! Marrying a nice friend of her father’s who doesn’t even make her move in with him! The whole book makes much more sense if you read her as a confused queer girl who doesn’t even know what queer is.

Another Country by tryfanstone (Jill Pole/Susan Pevensie, Chronicles of Narnia)

Takes the Biblical threads of the series and twangs them, hard. Daughters of Eve and apples and innocence in post-Last Battle Narnia, and chilling to boot.

Like Juno’s Swans by mayhap (Celia/Rosalind, As You Like It)

“Besmirched! By my verses which thou art vowed to praise! Thy sworn sweetness is as full of pricks as thy name,” Celia scolded.

“Smirched and slandered both, i’ faith! For thou knowst better than any other that pricks have nothing to do with this Rose.”

It’s not every day you find respectable Shakespearean pastiche and naughty femslash in the same story.

With Gentle Curves and Tender Feelings by Lauren (Claudia Kishi/Ashley Wyeth, BSC)

Another “of course she was secretly gay!” story. Remember Ashley, the utterly cool abstract sculptor in Claudia’s art class who had the rest of the BSC worrying she was going to skip out on the whole babysitting gig for her? Those babysitters were onto something. I mean, Ashley wore ankle-length denim skirts, how could Claud resist. *moment of silence dedicated to Claudia’s amazing outfits*

Rashida Jones

(Who gets her own category because she’s never been in anything where you couldn’t read her as at least a little bi. Also I have a huge crush on her.)

Pam---Karen-jenna-fischer-44070_1100_792The Thing Itself by Kyra (Pam Beesly/Karen Filipelli, The Office)

All right-thinking people know Pam should have ended up with Karen instead of passive-aggressive manchild Jim. Remember that time their Committee to Plan Parties took on Angela’s Party-Planning Committee, and they made margaritas and had lots of unresolved sexual tension? God, Karen was great.

Flying Solo by fearlessfan (Leslie Knope/Ann Perkins, Parks and Recreation)

Adam Scott and Rob Lowe are great and all, but come on, Leslie and Ann 4eva.

a heart worth the breaking by aphrodite_mine (Natalie Rochlin/Cindy, Our Idiot Brother)

And then there’s that movie where Rashida actually played a lesbian. (Dating Zooey Deschanel! Paul Rudd is in it! It’s on Instant now, check it out if you are at peace with having predictable hipster movie tastes, like I am.) Femslash can tend towards the saccharine, and this story brings a welcome bit of realism.

Happy reading, all!

A Femslash Enthusiast has spent more of her adult life than might be strictly recommended reading and writing fanfiction. She is not single, but would still like Rashida Jones to call her.

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