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“People Who”
People who changed
the world.
People who eat darkness,
talk too much, people who died
in 2013. People who
don’t age. People who look like me,
talk to themselves.

People who need people.
People who cut themselves.
People who
annoy you.


“Why we need”


why we need gun control;

why we need sleep.

why we need feminism;

why we need coral reefs.


why we need water


why we

need guns

“What are the”


what are the ten commandments


what are the seven

wonders of the world?


(deadly sins,



what are the primary colors, the bases, the bill of rights,

the best


“What If We”


What if we could?

If we had no moon, default –

were real?


If we swam into nothing. Attack Syria. Nine Inch Nails.


What if we were real

What if we were real

What if we were real

“What if your”


What if your poop is green

What if your pee smells

What if your dog eats chocolate

What if your iPhone gets wet

What if your wrong



Emma Reed Jones, PhD, writes fiction, poetry, newsletters, academic articles, and nonprofit grants in Oakland, CA. Her alter ego, singer-songwriter Dusty D. Diamond, is possessed by the ghosts of country music past.

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