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Yes, it almost inspires a panic attack to think of spending just five days in Morocco when there are so many incredible cats to see! Fortunately, our feline-focused travel experts have mapped out the purrfect itinerary that will scratch and sate that cat-travel itch right behind your fuzzy ears.

Day 1: Marrakech
Day 1 Marrakech
Start your journey by hopping off the plane and into the heat of the capitol. Make a quick dash across the city to Djemaa El Fna, but don’t get distracted by the chaotic and fascinating main square with its snake charmers, drum circles, restaurants, and acrobats. Instead, with the help of a local guide, make your way through the labyrinthine old city and head to Bab Doukkala, where this authentic Moroccan cat will greet you. Equal parts mysterious and friendly, the Kitta al Place Bab Doukkala is one of Marrakech’s best-kept secrets and provides a perfect introduction to the exotic cats you’ll behold on this trip.

Day 2: Casablanca
Day 2 Casablanca
Launch down to the apex of commerce by bus or train, but don’t spend too much time visiting the beautiful and enormous Hassan II Mosque when there are so many cats left to see. Though more European and industrialized than some of the country’s other cities, there is still a unique charm to this bustling port. Upon your arrival, you’ll notice that the distinct French Protectorate era architecture provides a fitting backdrop for the new rich who do their best to flaunt their wealth. Just start walking down the main drag or down some side streets. It won’t take you long to find a group of fat cats lounging in/on their newly purchased rides.

Day 3: Tangier
Day 3 Tangier
Take the bus or the train up to the city of Tangier, famed in the West for its intriguing history of creativity, espionage, and sleaze. Walk up and down the alleyways and listen to the echoes of William S. Burrough’s footsteps, among others, still resounding off the medieval walls. As evening approaches, be sure to don your formalwear so you can catch the sunset with an expat tuxedo cat. Be prepared to discuss literature and what you miss/hate about home over mint tea, or perhaps a few beers, before being stuck with the bill and a feeling that you’d have rather spent the evening hanging out alone.

Day 4: Chefchaouen
Day 4 Chefchaouen
Ready for the mountains and the color blue? Head east to enjoy one of the most breathtaking locales in Morocco, a blue and white town nestled amid mountain streams and peaks. But watch your step! Known for their love of hashish, the cats of Chefchaouen can be found passed out wherever they and their little cardboard beds land. A tip to the wise: these cats are great to chill with, but remember that the use of hashish in Morocco is illegal for humans. Though some complain about this double standard, the fact that the cats are too high to reproduce has been found to be a cost-effective substitute for spaying and neutering.

Day 5: Fez
Day 5 Fez
Complete your jaunt around the country by catching a bus to the historically rebellious city of Fez. First, grab a delicious juice at Cremerie la Place, then wander around the old city through the souks and shops until you locate the most voracious of local cats. Known for his insatiable appetite, the Malik al Fez can often be found enjoying a mouthful of mouse along with a substantial helping of greens. Feel free to partake in this sumptuous meal, a great sampling of authentic Moroccan kitty cuisine. Be sure to say shukran for the dinner before travelling back to Marrakech and flying home.

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