Things I Would Do If A Moth Ever Touched Me For Even A Second -The Toast

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  • Cut off my entire arm and face
  • Move
  • Throw myself into the whole sun
  • Excommunicate myself from every church and religion any ancestor of mine has ever joined
  • Just shudder until I died
  • Throw everything I own off of my back porch until my lower back exploded
  • Kick myself to actual death
  • Set all of my shoes on fire and move to whatever climate has the fewest bugs, maybe the desert, which I know still has some bugs but not bugs that fly I feel like
  • Go to a movie theater and buy a ticket to see twelve movies in a row and refuse to leave between screenings
  • just straight up The Cask of Amontillado myself
  • Scream until I traveled through time to either before or after there are moths
  • Sink from waking life into dreams
  • No
  • Reject everything about existence and just give it all back to the void and demand we start afresh
  • Turn into a beautiful swan
  • Squash it with something heavy then throw whatever I squashed it with away
  • Scream until my throat exploded
  • Remove all of my skin
  • Turn into a boat and sail away
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