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Home: The Toast

LAST NIGHT WE HAD A PARTY and I want all of you to feel like you were there even if you live in Canada or Southern California or some remote, third place. Look at how many of us there were!


MARVEL at how varied the hair colors!


There were SO MANY OF YOU. I am so glad you all came but OH MY GOD, how hot was that bar? They put a fan by the entrance at some point, which was a largely empty gesture.


I played a single, perfect round of pinball, after which I declined to play another, having achieved all of my goals the first time around.


I finally met the man I co-started a business with a little over one year ago for the first time.


This one is a little blurry, but it is a photo of me placing my foot on the back of a Man who is doing pushups at my request.


This is the picture I have waited for a year — and perhaps, all of my life — to recreate.

At last.


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