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imagesThis sequel to “Getting the Body You’ve Always Wanted” is dedicated with love to prominent public intellectual Ta-Nehisi Coates.

1. If you stop looking after the body you’ve always wanted, you’re going to see some unpleasant changes.

2. You may find that just doing the same old things to maintain your body, day in and day out, will gradually stop working.

3. Fluid loss is a real concern. Prevent it at all costs.

4. Studies suggest that your body may respond better to colder temperatures than you’re used to.

5. Shake things up a little with essential oils, both for your body, and for your home and car and outdoor storage unit.

6Keep a detailed journal.

7. Hair loss is common as your body ages, and not something to be ashamed of. Invest in a high-quality wig.

8. Remember: you can never stop the passage of time, but you CAN find ways to slow down its impact.

9. If you find your nails are yellowing or pulling away from the nail bed, drugstore acrylics are higher-quality than ever before.

10. Remind yourself of your motivation daily. You worked hard to get this body.

11. Family and friends may not provide the support you need during this time. Consider finding an online circle of likeminded individuals and enthusiasts.

12. Instead of reaching for food as a reward, splurge on a new outfit.

13. A decline in skin elasticity is to be expected. Cosmetics and topical compounds can go a long way to restoring the full, soft cheeks you used to love looking at and stroking.

14. If things progress to a point you find intensely challenging, and parts of your body are just not what they once were, there are always surgical options.

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