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toast selfThe Toast is growing. Would you like to grow with us? We’re looking for someone to join us part-time in a mostly assistant editor capacity, with the burgeoning hope and fond longing that this could become an EXCITING FULL-TIME OPPORTUNITY within a year.

Some things we are looking for: 

– Someone who would enjoy the idea of becoming a part of The Toast

– Someone with some experience writing/editing/Wordpressing. You do not have to have years and years of experience. Also, I dunno, maybe a really great physicist will feel like abandoning their challenging and lucrative field for hanging out with us, and I’ll be so blown away that I totally change my mind, so like, just apply if you’re a generally capable and competent person who can express themselves in writing.

– I’m probably forgetting something

Some things we will ask of you: 

– About 12-15 hours of work a week, at first. Like…9-noonish on weekdays? Does that add up to roughly 15 hours? Yeah, it does. We can revisit this as our coffers swell with doubloons and the ship’s hold groans with the weight of our labor, but let’s start with that.

– Managing the master freelance schedule

– Creating and managing author accounts in WordPress

– Copyediting and comment moderation

– Light blogging, if you so desire

– That’s all I can think of right now

Some things we can offer you:


– The complete and permanent absence of a male boss

– The promise of EXCELSIOR


You do not have to live in New York. No one ever has to live in New York.

Applicants who are queer and/or trans and/or of color and/or awesome are particularly encouraged to apply.

Interested parties would do well to send a CV and a friendly note to I will be looking at applications until August 15th (you guys are sending in a lot of applications! Good for you, but I’m going to close the window a bit earlier so I don’t have to write 500 emails) so scrape up some credentials and fling them at me.

I pledge to you now that I won’t do that thing where someone says “Thanks, we’ll be in touch” and then they’re never in touch and they hire someone else. I mean, obviously I will only hire one person, I can’t hire all of you, but I will tell you in a reasonable time frame so that you can move on with your life. That was something that I hated when I was looking for work and now that I have MILD HIRING POWER I hope to do my part to break the cycle.

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