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An excerpt from Isaac Fitzgerald and Wendy MacNaughton’s Pen & Ink, featuring tattoo stories from, among others, our own Roxane Gay.

Jon Burge is out of prison. He should be in it for a long, long time [insert Gandalf’s well-known speech about how many people who deserve prison escaping it, and many who deserve freedom being in prison, so just apathetically sit around accepting the horrors of the world, or something.]


This is what Canadians are laughing hysterically at right now. We’re a simple folk.

Email breakups are the way to go. I have only ever been broken up with, as I am a mewling ball of emotional need, so I know from breakups, and I support email dumpings 100%. Preserve dignity. Mallory and I are also pro-ghosting under the right circumstances. No one has ever broken up with my husband, so I think there must be a secret darkness inside him that has not been purged in the healing light of misery and rejection and loss.

What do I LOVE? Brooklyn Nine-Nine. Who is the best part? Everyone but especially Andre Braugher:

After “Men” was canceled, the co-creator of “Brooklyn Nine-Nine,” Michael Schur, contacted Braugher about playing Captain Holt. Braugher was intrigued that Holt was a gay man in a stable relationship, whose sexual orientation was never played for cheap laughs. In the process of fleshing Holt out, he has wholly reimagined the trope of the humorless police chief. There’s a moment in an episode last season, when the buttoned-up Holt walks in with a cast on his arm. The detectives try to guess how it happened. Peralta theorizes that he hurt his arm when he tried to smile. Holt walks over to Peralta and tells him that he sprained it in a Hula-Hoop class. He pulls out his phone to show him the evidence and says gravely: “I’ve learned all the moves. The pizza toss. The tornado. The scorpion. The oopsie doodle.”

Peralta looks at him with horror. “Why are you telling me this?”

Holt deletes the pictures, speaking even more slowly. “Because no one will ever believe you.”

on the racism disclaimers placed on Tom and Jerry cartoons

Bitches Gotta Eat on how to take a sexy selfie:

so i get a text the other day from a number i’d already deleted that was like, “yo, sam. you been on my bird lately. send me a pic and show me what i’ve been missing.” first of all, kill yourself. second, do you really expect me to push this cat off my lap and empty the crumbs from the trader joe’s pastry pups that have settled in my bosom over the trash can and put some lipstick on just to take a picture of the same haggard face you grew tired of looking at five yea–OH OKAY FINE I’M BORED AND THIS EPISODE OF MY CAT FROM HELL IS A RERUN ANYWAY.

Jessica Valenti talked to the parents of Rehtaeh Parsons and Audrie Pott, both of whom took their own lives in the wake of their sexual assaults, and it’s pretty bad but also necessary. On the issue of publishing Parsons’ name, here’s some background reading.

just give up we’ll all be working for buzzfeed in five years look at all these jobs

Tina Vasquez in Autostraddle on the legacy of abuse.

The New Yorker said Alexis Coe’s Alice + Freda Forever: A Murder in Memphis (pre-order here!) tells the story of Alice and Freda “with the color and liveliness of a novel,” and we take full credit for it, despite deserving none.

Roxane talked to Lena Dunhamh, Rebecca Traister talked about Lena Dunham, Mallory read the book and was bored to tears, I read the book and kind of liked it. Rich tapestries.


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