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FIRST, the LDS Church releases some stuff they’d been keeping under wraps (I mean, if you Googled, you already knew about it, but there you are) and NOW Utahns want to get rid of the Zion Curtain! (RENDS GARMENTS, I don’t know what’s happening to my state!)

If you’re super confused about the “wait I thought it was pretty clear that Joseph Smith had a buncha wives” bit, the big change is that the Church has always acknowledged that Joseph Smith was sealed “for all eternity” to many women, not just The Sainted Emma, but has traditionally taught that it was just a way to protect widows and orphans and such from The Ravages of the West by giving them a husband, and they are now formally admitting that he was sealed “for time AND for all eternity” to many of them, for the same reasons that people usually get married (ahem), and also that some of them were already married to other dudes when he did so.

Anyway, the major essay in question is here, help yourself. And, SERIOUSLY, if you would like to read what is still the most excellent piece of scholarship on the early days of the LDS Church, Fawn Brodie‘s No Man Knows My History: The Life of Joseph Smith (for which she was excommunicated in 1946) is still richly worthwhile.

The horror of ballet shoes. Man, I’m so grateful I never showed any aptitude for ballet. It looks so gorgeous, and my little cousin is a FULL-ON BALLERINA OF NOTE, the next Karen Kain, no doubt, but the shoes alone, man, the shoes alone!

My friend Veronica shared this, the least helpful table of contents ever written, on her FB page. She also added that said book does not possess an index, so!


literally all i care about are joni’s old relationships, tbh

Women Matter More Than Fetuses Do

a great paragraph about a super boring thing:

It is not easy to solve a plant theft. Richmond police closed their investigation in a matter of weeks. In the UK, the only police agency devoted to such matters is the National Wildlife Crime Unit, which has a staff of 12. Their strategic priorities for this year include “Badger Persecution”, “Bat Persecution” and “Freshwater Pearl Mussels Poaching.” Plants don’t make the list.

If you are crafty and like writing, here is a new journal for you!

Here is a great Storify.

not a chance, learned league, not a chance:

Screen Shot 2014-11-12 at 8.06.57 AM

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