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Screen Shot 2015-01-14 at 11.40.01 AMIt’s Jiz Lee talking about ethics and (queer) porn consumption:

While there’s a lot of talk about whether or not porn is ethical, there’s not much discussion about the fact that most people are watching porn illegally. Forget “ethical porn” – let’s talk ethical porn consumption.

Though a small handful of Robin Hoods will feel they’re liberating porn to the masses, or take accomplish in being savvy enough to scam what they feel entitled to watch for free, the folks who go the extra mile to break the law are not actually the biggest culprits. It’s everyone else.

I believe most viewers don’t think what they’re doing is that bad. Some may not even be aware they’re in the wrong to begin with. Who could blame them? A lack of media literacy around how porn is made leads fans to make a lot of assumptions. I know this first-hand, as I continue to learn more and more about the industry as I move from performing in front of the camera, to helping behind the scenes.

Let’s face it, free porn is easy. It’s the first (FIVE?) page results on Google. There’s no need to pull out a credit card (if you’re lucky enough to own one). You don’t even need to register or log in to press play. (A big step in preventing underage users from gaining access.) But figuring out where to go and what to click is not the first priority for someone horny.

Here is my HOT TAKE: I only ever want to read articles about porn from people who have worked in porn (ditto sex work).

Until the sun turns cold and the stars go dim, I will share every single article about Willow and Tara and lesbian vampire tropes I can get my hands on. I will never grow weary of reading about them. Never.

The Baddest of Cookie’s Bad-Bitch Outfits From the Premiere of Empire, yep yep yeppity yep yep

“Good climbing skin means building calluses thick enough to support a climber’s full body weight as it hangs off the tiniest slivers of rock. The calluses have to be strong enough to prevent some of the pain without becoming too thick or too dry.

One of the greatest threats to a climber’s success is a callus splitting open. As Jorgeson experienced last week during his battle to complete pitch 15, one of the Dawn Wall’s most difficult climbing segments, a cracked fingertip is akin to a blown tire in the final stage of the Tour de France.”

OH MY GOD I had to read this through my fingers because I am equal parts horrified and fascinated by how many different ways climbers to try patch up, cut open, superglue, and tape their fingers into stony submission. Excuse me while I tenderly coo over my soft, womanish hands in the corner.


Everyone should interview Jazmine Hughes every day. “I want to be a managing editor. I think that would be best. I really like to boss people around. I have a lot of questions. I really like to hold people accountable for what they say they’re going to do. I have a lot of sisters.”




More great interviews with fabulous women: Fariha Roísín talks to Janet Mock over at the Hairpin. What a week!


“Even now, we are getting older and smarter and stronger, like two Popeyes,” said Glazer. “People ask me if I would go back and create a web series again and I say abso-fucking-lutely, dude. We are content generators. We can’t be at the mercy of anyone else. We’re insane people about work. We’re addicted to it. Once we started making stuff, we just never stopped, and we will never stop.”

 Man, if there is even a chance you haven’t seen Grantland’s profile of Abbi and Ilana from Broad City, take this moment to correct that oversight.


Thank God I know now about a new National Parks blog, because I will never tire of reading about the strange things that happen within our federal parks system:

Usually you need to head into a museum to see what turned up in the backcountry of Great Basin National Park: A 132-year-old Winchester rifle.

The find left park staff wondering why someone would leave their rifle and not come back? Numerous questions such as that one surround the small piece of American heritage found and recovered by park archaeologists in November.

A few reasons, off the top of my head: left there by a ghost, abducted by mysterious drifter, geocaching old-timey prospectors, MAYBE IT BELONGS TO SARAH WINCHESTER HERSELF AND WE MUST RETURN IT TO HER MYSTERY HOUSE IN SAN JOSE LEST HER UNQUIET SPIRIT HAUNT THE NPS ONCE MORE.

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