“When it comes down to it, this missing money is the reason that I’m not able to deliver printers” -The Toast

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All Kickstarter scandals fascinate and compel me, and I will never tire of reading about them, which is not to say I’m reading this in the sense of “haha, look at the suffering and mismanagement of others,” so much as, OH LIFE IS LONG AND EVERYTHING HAPPENS AND ALSO HOW DID THIS DUDE MANAGE TO BUILD A SECRET HOUSE FOR SO LONG?? Anyhow, never go into business with a man.

“The short answer is that I expected, and still do expect David to pay us back. This was a reasonable expectation, and he has actually repaid $111,000 to date. You can see why I thought that this was a viable solution, he got over a 3rd of the way there. To this day I still think it’s a little crazy that he hasn’t paid us back in full…”

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