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1. This person, place or thing is garbage.

2. This person, place or thing is trash.

3. This person, place or thing is on fleek.

4. This person, place, or thing is fire.

5. Accurate, as a brief response to an observation someone makes that is, indeed, accurate.

6. Legit to convey the sincerity of a feeling. Ex: I am legit in love with Channing Tatum.

7. Low key to convey mild but sincere interest in a person, place, or thing. Ex: I am low key in love with The Rock.

8. Come through, as a means of encouraging someone to continue speaking powerfully on a given topic.

9. When people offer a shout out to a person, place, or thing, and often follow the shout out with a humorous or witty quip.

10. The word thirst to describe a verging on desperate, shameless lust for another person. Ex: My goodness, Channing Tatum makes me thirsty.

P.S. I have a great job idea for young people—youth concierge. Pair a youth concierge with someone probably over 35 who would like to understand current technologies, slang, and popular culture.

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