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Analog Toothbrush – Fire at the Salmon Farm

Cocaine Border Patrol — Bill C51

Terminal City Lights — Jack off the B-Strain

Gestalt Wave Overdrive — Immigrant Nation

Danny Williams Lake — Meech Accord Butt Plug

The K-Mart Revival Choir — Saskatoon Dreams of My Dildo

The Bisexual Bilinguals — Ghosts of Parc-Ex

Dick Pony – Who Stole my Pony?

The Spock Fives — Vulvatron Vulcan Phenomenon

Ossington Ave Basement Ste. — Gentrification Situation

The Edmontons — Harsh My Mellow Snow

Margaret Antwoord — Murder in the Forth

Dim Sum Dumdums — Gimme Shelter

Rick Mercer Rapport — Excited Delirium

Sleuwateuth Bobsled Team — Bobbingstylez

The New Precariat — Mama wants a living wage

Schoonerback — Nickelback Suckz

Hello-Bonjour — Please have your boarding pass ready

Of Ottawa — Capital Hill Miscreants

The Jian GoMessies — Too Soon?!?!?

Wolfpony — The Union Hall Narcoleptic Society

</php> — Vinegar Piss Crisp

The Elizabeth MayFlower Descendants — Don’t Tase Me, Bro

Tampon Taxis — The Lonely Streets of Halifax

Nikki Reimer's poetry has appeared in anthologies from New York to Winnipeg.

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