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What the Portrayal Of Secretaries Tells Us About The Pressing Need To Dismantle Gender Roles

Doralee Didn’t Sleep With The Boss, But Maybe She Should Have

9 to 5’s Cavalier Attitude Toward Paper Wastage Is An Indictment On Our Destruction Of Old Growth Forests

Women, Marijuana, And The Slippery Slope To Violence

How Feminism Destroyed America’s Thriving Corporate Culture

The Hidden Message In Comedy About The Dangers Of Corporate Capitalism And Unfair Wage Policies

How 9 to 5 Confirmed My Theory That Men Should Never Be In Charge

Imposter Syndrome, or: Why You Identify With Jane Fonda’s Character

How Doralee’s Pro-Woman, Pro-Gun Stance Made Me Rethink Sarah Palin

Calling Women ‘Girls’: The Gross Infantalization Of The American Woman

So, Obamacare Has Made It Easier For Hospitals To Lose Patients

Healthy Competition Amongst Women Is Beneficial: Comparing Nicki Minaj And 9 to 5

Why I Walked Out After Watching Lily Tomlin Interfere With A Corpse

Do American Women Need To Kidnap Their Bosses In Order To Achieve Work-Life Balance?

Is This The Most Misandrist Film Ever Released?

9 to 5, The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo, And The Rise Of Women’s Revenge Fantasies

Why I, Jonathan Franzen, Would Not Have Sex With Any Of These Female Characters

Why Serving Artificial Sweetener Is Essentially Giving People Rat Poison Anyway

The Bondage Used to Tie Up A Misogynist Was More Sexually Satisfying Than 50 Shades

How Introverts Can Succeed In An Open-Plan Office

Rebecca Shaw (aka @brocklesnitch) is a freelance writer and podcaster from Brisbane. She is in constant competition with Ruby Rose to become Australia's Favourite Lesbian.

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