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No really, I mean it. Why don’t we?

  • Honest, no kidding – I think we could do it
  • Well, what have they got that we haven’t? Exactly!
  • Well gee whiz, it can’t be that hard
  • Say, kids, I really think we could pull it off
  • Let’s say we charge two bucks a head
  • Sure, it’s crazy, but what’s wrong with that?
  • Why, it wouldn’t be any trouble at all to call some of the boys
  • Listen, I’m serious. Can’t you picture it?
  • Well, why not?
  • Well, now, wait a second, I think we oughta at least consider the idea!
  • Why, all we’d have to do is –
  • Hot dog, if we can pull this off, we’ll have turned this whole thing around
  • It wouldn’t take much to get this old barn looking like a real studio
  • Wait a minute, I might just have an idea!
  • Say, you might just be onto something
  • Jim, didn’t you say you had something at home that would do just as well?
  • Think, gang! We’ve got just what it takes, as long as we’re not afraid of a little hard work!
  • I still say you’re all crazy, but I don’t have another idea
  • We just might have what it takes to get this off the ground
  • Why couldn’t we?
  • Well, when you put it like that – maybe we could!
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