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Why There Actually Should be MORE Crying in Baseball

Dottie and Kit Milk Cows by Hand: The True Radicalism Hidden in A League of Their Own

Marla Hooch and the Tough Path to Success for Women That Men Don’t Want to Fuck

That Problematic Pissing Scene

Female Athletes Sexualized So They Can Play: How Nothing Has Changed

One Patronising Moment With Women of Colour: How A League of Their Own Influenced Girls

What Elderly Dottie Living With Her Daughter Tells Us About the State of Aged Care in America

Does the Character of Stilwell Encourage Childhood Obesity?

You Shouldn’t Let Children (Or Younger Sisters) Win if They Don’t Deserve It

Jimmy Dugan’s Transformation From MRA to Feminist Ally

Prisons or Pitches: Why Can’t Female-Focused Content Just be About Regular Women?

Is ‘All The Way May’ A Slut-Shaming Nickname?

How Do You Make A Women’s Sports Movie Without Lesbians: The Queer Erasure In A League of Their Own

Yes, It Is Okay to Laugh At Doris’s Jokes Knowing Rosie O’Donnell Is A 9/11 Truther

Why I’m Making My Son Play Sports With Girls

How A League of Their Own Helped Me Understand My Brother’s Resentment Toward Me

The Problem With Geena Davis and Women Who Are Good at Too Many Things

You Never See Anyone Putting on Sunscreen: The Life-Threatening Message in A League of Their Own

Do We Need Another War to Get Female Athletes the Attention They Deserve?

Why This Spells the End of Movies About Men

Rebecca Shaw (aka @brocklesnitch) is a freelance writer and podcaster from Brisbane. She is in constant competition with Ruby Rose to become Australia's Favourite Lesbian.

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