“Face Like A Farmer”: The Greatest Reasons Various Men Were Rejected For The Role Of James Bond -The Toast

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“Producer Albert R. Broccoli at first thought he was British and so considered him; he was in fact German.”

“Was not British.”

“For having ‘hands too big and a face like a farmer.'”

“Too aggressive.”

“Role too promiscuous.”

“Didn’t want it.” [Ed. note: Fair enough!]

“Not interested.” [Ed. note: Also good!]

“MGM suggested him for the role, but was rejected by Albert. R. Broccoli for not being British.”

“Declined an offer from Albert R. Broccoli to screen test him for the role after he decided not to pursue acting. Would later become infamous when he vanished after his children’s nanny was murdered.”

“French accent.”

“Felt Bond must be British.”

“Felt he did not have good enough looks to play Bond.”

“Felt Bond must be British [citation needed].”

“Felt the role was beneath him.”

“Heard rumors that Pierce Brosnan got the role and ruled himself out.”


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