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If I had no other obligations — and if I hadn’t wrecked my wrists a few years back — I would knit all the time; literally fall asleep knitting at night and pick it up as soon as I woke in the morning. (In this scenario I would also have maidens to feed me so I would not have to take any breaks to eat.) But because I don’t live in a fantasy, I mostly knit while watching TV, and in my opinion the current crop of superhero shows are great to knit to. It also seems as though there is a new superhero movie coming out every other week — maybe someday I will actually work up the nerve to knit in the movie theater. The following knitting patterns pair perfectly with some of my favorite shows and my favorite superheroes:


Sure, this amazing sweater is designed for Robin Hood, not Green Arrow, but let’s be real: they dress pretty much the same. And you could knit this in red for a Speedy/Arsenal hoodie! No matter who you make it for, those cables are swoon-worthy.

The Flash

These socks are patterned to resemble chain lightning, and are made with DK weight yarn, so they should knit up fairly quickly. I love them so much I have already cast on a pair.

BONUS The Flash!

The shawl itself is in the shape of Barry’s symbol. I mean, come on. It’s amazing.


This one is just for the crocheters — an amigurumi Kara.


Jessica Jones

There’s a publicity shot of Jessica in a hand-knitted scarf or cowl that had some knitters looking for a similar pattern. This lovely cowl is based on it, with a stitch pattern that creates texture and gives an amazing depth to the hand-dyed yarn used in the sample.

Agent Carter

Agent Carter has wonderful vintage styles that make me swoon. This stunning 1940s-style hat is knitted with short rows and hand-felted to achieve its distinctive shape. I can totally picture this on Peggy!


So many great characters show up here that it was hard to choose, but ultimately I had to go with the “Wa na na na na na na na Bat Shawl!”…even if its name is a bit more evocative of 1966 Batman.

Captain America

I love this shield chart, which I believe would work for knitting or crochet. I can imagine using it on anything from a sweater to an actual shield (I bet a knitted cover would work nicely on a toy shield?).

The Incredible Hulk

While part of me feels that any green slippers could be Hulk slippers, these are especially great. My favorite Hulk is She-Hulk — can you imagine Jennifer relaxing in these slippers after a long day of lawyering?

Black Widow #1 and #2

Because Natasha is my favorite Avenger, it was difficult to choose a pattern that seemed worthy of her…so how about a black widow spider? These two patterns are nearly identical, realistic, and awesome. One for the knitters, one for the crocheters.



I LOVE this one. In some ways Mjolner is almost its own character, so why not knit yourself a Thor sweater featuring the great hammer?

Happy knitting and happy watching!

Annika Barranti Klein is a feminist and a knitter. She also referees women's banked track roller derby, and is a writer and photographer.

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