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Beauty on the N train – m4w (Queens)

I saw you across the N train on Thursday afternoon haphazardly biting the skin off your bottom lip, almost as if you were playing a game with yourself to see how much skin you could pull off in one go. It impressed me. Let’s discuss your tactics over tea and lip balm in public for 20 minutes after which I will never contact you again.


Competent at coffee shop in Cobble Hill- m4w (Brooklyn)

I have never seen anyone order a coffee with such confidence and preparedness. You’re not like the others. You understand the ethereal harmony that comes from having your order and payment ready while you’re on line so you can keep things moving. Teach me your ways.


Let’s talk about whatever we want – w4w (East Village)

You were at the bar with a group of men who wouldn’t shut up about Quentin Tarantino. Don’t worry, I saw you try to change the subject three times with no success. I was in the orange coat with the date insisting I didn’t appreciate Tom Waits enough. Your pain is my pain.


In Trade Fair, I like your style- m4w (Astoria)

Me: Shopping for the week. You: billowing purple pants and a yellow crop top underneath a knee-length down jacket. In your basket you had a jalapeno and what appeared to be at least 50 limes. Invite me up for whatever you’re cooking?


Wowed by your walk – w4w (Chelsea)

You were wearing jeans, grey converse, and a grey peacoat, and I just think you had a really competent walk. Like you knew exactly where you were going and were also very good at moving your legs in order to get there quickly. You don’t see that a lot these days. No need to contact, I just wanted you to know, whoever you are, that you come off as very confident and put together.


Behind you at the hardware store – m4w (Astoria)

I totally noticed the rude tone the shopkeep took with you when you asked for “glue that works well with wood” and he responded “you mean wood glue?” You don’t seem like an idiot to me.

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