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How Home Alone Shows the Stress of Holidays On Introverts

Home Alone and Vulnerable: Today’s Youth Wouldn’t Hear Intruders Through Their Headphones

The Benefits of Teaching Practical Problem-Solving Skills to Millennials

Why Shaming Fuller for Bedwetting is Actually an Effective Technique

The Macaroni and Cheese Scene is an Allegory for Food Wastage in America

Groups of White People Running Through Airports Without Being Stopped

Why “The Wet Bandits” is a Subtle Nod to Unfulfilled Female Sexuality

The Effects of Unemployment and Suburban Sprawl on Premeditated Crime

Does Kevin McCallister Fully Utilise the Power of The Secret?

Kevin Would Not Have Been Left Behind if Division of Labour Was Equitably Split Between Genders

“Filthy Animals”: We Need to Stop Using Neglected Animals As Insults

The Problematic Portrayal of Gangster-Americans

Polka Musicians and Empathy: An Interactive Graph

How the South Bend Shovel Slayer Shows the Benefits of Getting to Know Your Community

They Shouldn’t Let Kevin Just Eat Plain Cheese Pizza: On the Importance of an Experienced Palate in a Multicultural Society

“You Guys Give Up, Or You Thirsty For More?”: How Home Alone Predicted the Tinder Age

When Harry Met Marv: The Problem With Portrayals of Male Friendship Onscreen

Finally, A Christmas Movie That Is Actually About the Need For Pizza Delivery Unions

Rebecca Shaw (aka @brocklesnitch) is a freelance writer and podcaster from Brisbane. She is in constant competition with Ruby Rose to become Australia's Favourite Lesbian.

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