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“What are YOU looking at? A dog in a reasonably-sized chair?”

Jason Kenney is such an embarrassment:

Conservative MP Jason Kenney went on Twitter to explain why he shouted in question period that he needed an “English to English translation” to understand Defence Minister Harjit Sajjan.

Kenney, a former minister of defence, directed the heckle Monday at Sajjan as he was answering a question about the government’s plan to deal with the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS).

Scandal going down at The Intercept:

Shortly before Reed’s post, The Intercept prepended lengthy editor’s notes to five of Thompson’s prior articles. Four of the notes amount to severe corrections; the fifth, attached to an article containing quotes attributed to a cousin of the white supremacist Dylann Roof, indicates a total retraction: “After speaking with two members of Dylann Roof’s family, The Intercept can no longer stand by the premise of this story. Both individuals said that they do not know of a cousin named Scott Roof.”

In the now-retracted article, Thompson had claimed that “Scott Roof” had speculated during a phone conversation that Dylann Roof may been driven to murder nine black churchgoers at a Charleston, South Carolina church because “he kind of went over the edge when a girl he liked starting dating a black guy two years back.” Thompson’s report was picked up by dozens of other news outlets.

Omar Holmon is one of the funniest writers working, but he can also make me cry:

It’s only in hindsight, years later, that I suddenly realized something about my mother that I wish I could have said to her back then. If I had a time machine I would mos def go back in time just to tell her, “Yo, you know you’re a huge nerd right? You know that?” For real man, this woman was getting on my case about not stepping outside of my whole comic-book world but asking me when the next super hero movies are out. I went with her to see Spawn, yo. Twice. The frustrating part is that she’s dead, so I can’t even call her up with this new-found realization and I don’t feel like going to the rooftop of my building to reenact R.Kelly’s “I Wish” music video and talk to the sky because it’s dead winter right now. Also she’d just have Mufasa keep me on hold just to avoid me being right. This is like when you finally have a good comeback for for somebody’s comment but it’s literally years later and they’re no longer physically on this plane.

adopt this dog


Here’s proof that certain questions are best left unanswered: Curious if the bubbles in her beloved LaCroix and San Pellegrino were as tooth-decaying as sugary sodas, Atlantic health writer Olga Khazan did some research that she certainly now regrets. Her findings in a nutshell: Slowly but surely, an acid created by the carbonation will “wear away tooth enamel.”

Winona, Forever:

“I read Heathers and for the first time ever I thought, ‘I’ve got to play this,’” Ryder told British magazine The Face in 1989. “It wasn’t a question of wanting to or thinking I should, it was a case of nobody understands this like I do.” She had gotten the script from Beetlejuice’s screenwriter, but her agent had begged her not to do it. She didn’t listen. Producer Denise Di Novi remembered the actress sitting in her office at New World (with her mom) saying, “I’ll do the script just for $1. I’ll do anything, I don’t care how much you pay me.” But even though Waters thought she was a “great actress,” he didn’t think she was “attractive enough.” It wasn’t the first time Ryder, whose first four characters were described as “homely,” had heard that.

So she popped into Macy’s, got a makeover and, according to Waters, “She threatened to kill herself or us if she didn’t get the part.”

Sobering stuff:

Not long ago, ICU stays beyond a few days meant almost certain death. Today, physicians can restore those ailing bodies, and many such patients live to walk out the door. But with a new population of ICU survivors reporting back, a common, devastating side effect has emerged: the experience plunges the ill into a cognitively impaired state of mind that can persist for months or forever.

Of course, doctors have known for years that the ICU triggers a disrupted mental state. In the 1960s, ICU delirium was labelled ‘The Disease of Medical Progress’ – with memory loss deemed a fair price for life. But recent studies have shown that the effect is widespread, and often permanent.

How Chris Jackson is building a black literary movement (he is not the Chris Jackson from Hamilton, he is a cool editor, manage your expectations):

‘‘The whole time,’’ he said, ‘‘I was just waiting for, you know, it to happen. And, sure enough, a very sweet-looking white woman walks up to me, very politely, and says, ‘Mr. Coates?’ Which is a thing that has happened to me more times than I can count. I’ve been mistaken for Colson Whitehead — who has long dreads — Dinaw Mengestu, Ta-Nehisi a few times, you name it. Sometimes by colleagues I see every day in the elevator, or even people who claim to know the writer in question. Anyway, I guess the woman was embarrassed, and so, of course, was I, but she still went ahead with what she’d been planning to do with Ta-Nehisi: unload all this terrible racial guilt. What am I supposed to do with that? Ta-Nehisi hears that stuff all the time. It’s just — ’’ He paused for a moment. ‘‘It’s exhausting.’’

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