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So pretty.

The Undefeated just dropped, and it is looking GORGEOUS and STRONG, and here’s a story about how and why Black Panther is happening at Marvel:

A young Moore cringed through the original ‘79 Alien and peeked at ‘89’s Pet Sematary through 7-year-old fingers as he watched on VHS. He cheered during ‘85’s The Goonies when he saw it at the movie house with his family, and was a fan of angsty teen ‘80s films like The Breakfast Club and Ferris Bueller’s Day Off. And Moore was a fanatic for Indiana Jones movies, and the original Star Wars trilogy. “That was the cool way to hang out with your friends, but not roast alive,” he says. “We’d sneak in, do triple features…movie hop, see everything. [Or] we’d stay home and watch movies on our VCR.”

And when the VCR was tapped, Nate and his brother walked three miles in the Clovis sun to a comic book store to raid the 25-cent bin. Then he’d sit in his room, thumbing through obscure comics and falling in love with characters who looked like they could have been in his own family — The Falcon, Luke Cage and the Black Panther. The two worlds never quite seemed to meet in a larger way when Moore was a kid. The specific comic characters he obsessed over were never on the big screen.

That’s why Moore’s childhood is paramount. His childhood is why we’re seeing black superheroes on the big screen.

At long last.

I just love Carrie Fisher so much:

On what Gary and her mother have in common
“I’m very comfortable around high maintenance. I’m used to sort of tending to someone more of the hot house variety, and so here he is.”

On Gary’s occasional aloofness
“He’s a true eccentric,” Fisher said, when Gary sauntered over to our table and sat in a chair facing away from us. “I love this! What is this? He’s going to sleep now. That’s the best thing he did, was fall asleep on all of the talk shows that we did because he was just so bored out of his tree. There was that one woman [Good Morning America‘s Amy Robach] that said ‘that’s the first time anyone’s fallen asleep on my show.’ And I said, ‘That you know of!’ I think I’ve done that, to my utter horror.”

this thread:


“She listens, she does mind, [but] she is a buffalo, you can’t really push her around too much,” Karen Schoeve, doting mother to one 1,000-pound housebroken bison, tells the Dallas Morning News in my new all-time favorite video.

According to the delightful accompanying profile, Bullet the Bison has full reign of Schoeve’s three-acre property, including the house. This, as one can imagine, came with challenges—which Schoeve approached as if they were unavoidable, and not the result of a possibly misguided and definitely elective decision to allow a giant buffalo to track mud inside of her home.

This lady was the real MVP and we should all die like this:

The symphony was performing a pops concert called “Broadway’s Golden Age,” according to its schedule. A spokeswoman said the players were about 30 seconds from the last measures of “There’s No Business Like Show Business” from Irving Berlin’s “Annie Get Your Gun,” the encore to the concert when Little collapsed and was carried backstage by her fellow bassists. She never regained consciousness.

“She seemed to be made of bass resin and barbed wire. She was unstoppable,” bassist Michael Kurth, who was playing next to Little when she collapsed, told The Washington Post on Sunday night.

Kurth, 44, added that “I honestly thought I was going to retire before she did, honestly.”

okay this is funny:

One of his signature moves is to turn to the camera, mid-conversation, and take his shout to a full-on roar, as if he’d absolutely had it. He used this technique when Michelle Obama appeared on “Billy on the Street,” last year, in a supermarket with Big Bird, to promote eating fruits and vegetables, via a game called “Ariana Grande or Eating a Carrot?” “You and your husband have such busy lives,” he said to Obama. He turned to the camera and shrieked, “To say the least! ” The First Lady looked startled. During the quiz, Eichner asked, “Who’s more deserving of a Kennedy Center Honor—Martin Short or a box of frozen corn?”

“The corn,” Obama said.

No, Martin Short! ” Eichner yelled in exasperation. Obama doubled over, laughing. Eichner said, “He’s a genius! He played Ed Grimley.”

“I like corn,” Obama said.

i just love this fucker so much:

Miranda rarely finds time to sleep, let alone cross state lines on his night off, but tonight, he tells me with a grin, he is headed to the town of Montclair on a matter of family justice: He needs to settle a score among some fourth graders. One of them has been going around telling his classmates that his uncle is the Hamilton in Hamilton, creator of the cultural juggernaut that recently won the Pulitzer Prize for Drama. This is true. But 10-year-olds are skeptics; they require physical proof. So Miranda is making a special appearance in the auditorium of the stately Montclair Kimberley Academy, where he will, as he puts it delicately, “rub it in all those kids’ faces. This is in my job description as cool uncle. And if I can’t use my powers for that, what am I even doing?”

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