ByLi Sian Goh

Li Sian lives in Singapore, where she works at an NGO and teaches part-time. You can find her on Twitter here.

  1. When my family and I light joss sticks, prepare food offerings, and burn paper gifts (mostly replicas of clothes, houses, and cars) for our ancestors in return for blessings such as wealth and good health, it has always seemed to me that what we do approaches worship not so much as it does a highly pragmatic, reciprocal relationship tempered by remembered bonds of love and affection.

  2. There are two, and only two, good Nancy Mitford novels: The Pursuit of Love, and Love in a Cold Climate. All other Mitford works may be discounted.

  3. Previously in this series.

    You are poor, bright, and beautiful, but you never feel quite bright or beautiful enough because your best friend is brighter and beautifuller.

    Your best friend has never forgiven you for being the first to experience menarche or being allowed to progress beyond primary school. Ever since, she’s been competing with you over just about everything.

    You feel an unnameable, shameful aversion to