ByMikki Kendall

Mikki Kendall: Writer, Occasional Feminist, co-creator of Hood Feminism.

  1.  “But they're so nice to me. Are you sure things happened this way?”

    “He's never done anything like this before...”

    “We spoke to her, and she knows that the way she lashed out is wrong.”

    “We should all come together to process this. In love.”

    “What did you say to provoke them?”

    “This is a learning experience for

  2. This is a love letter to the inner city. This is a love letter to a concept of Chicago that is constantly under attack. This is a love letter to the people in the hood who raised me, sustained me, and supported me. I've been trying to write about Chicago violence for a good two months now. The facts are easy to obtain from any major news source, though the way in which those facts…