ByMiranda Pennington

Miranda K. Pennington has completed a book about her lifelong habit of over-identifying with the Brontës and is represented by the Julia Lord Literary Agency. She teaches academic and creative writing at various adjunct-employing institutions, including Columbia University, where she obtained her MFA. Her writing has appeared on the Ploughshares Blog, The American Scholar Online, and The Catapult podcast.

  1. While there was plenty I could learn from Anne Shirley or Harriet the Spy, I always longed to read about an actual tomboy like me – no long braids, no puffed sleeves, no growing up into a swan after an ugly duckling childhood. As a young reader, I always wanted a role model who didn’t grow out of her awkward phrase, who didn’t eventually find that it all just fell into place – because I…


    Rest up. The same way an athlete stretches her muscles, we must prepare our faculties for partygoing. Some may prefer a dark room with no external stimuli, or a sunny quiet field. Others, a secluded shower stall where nobody can hear you crying. Others, a drink or three. I used up all my drink tickets by the time I turned 22, so I’ve had to develop other skills. Find the psychic home…