ByRosemary Collins

Rosemary Collins is a writer and journalist in Manchester.

  1. When I found out at the age of 22 that I was not somehow failing at being liked by others, but that a series of horribly well-meant mistakes by my parents, teachers and pediatricians had kept me from the autism diagnosis I should have had when I was eight, the only thing that cheered me up for months was hunting for serial killers in Copenhagen and Malmö.

  2. It has been thirty years since the Romano family killed your betrothed, and you have never forgotten. Your mother carries a stick at all times, but not because she is lamed by her bitter old age. Not even your mother remembers a summer as hot as this one. You long to have a child so that your husband’s fields may bear wheat once again. The longing is like a terrible hunger that feeds on your…