ByTiffany Midge

Tiffany Midge is the recipient of the Kenyon Review Earthworks Indigenous Poetry Prize for “The Woman Who Married a Bear” (forthcoming, University of New Mexico Press) and the Diane Decorah Memorial Poetry Award for “Outlaws, Renegades and Saints; Diary of a Mixed-up Halfbreed” (Greenfield Review Press).

  1. Tiffany Midge's previous work for The Butter can be found here. (2004) I’ve been saving newspaper clippings, curious human interest stories to inspire my writing efforts. A cache of yellowed newsprint lies in a small pile:           

    Woman charged with death of overfed toddler

    Man married twenty-nine times will have funeral

    Mermaid girl to have legs split

    One clipping holds particular interest for me: Mother’s coma ends…

  2. Tiffany Midge's previous work for The Butter can be found here.

    When did he first say, "Ugh!"  When did he first say, "Ugh!"  In the Injun book it say When the first brave married squaw He gave out with a big ugh When he saw his Mother-in-Law. --from Walt Disney’s Peter Pan

    1. Etymology of “Ugh.” From the Online Etymology Dictionary, “ugh” is listed as—

    “Imitative of the sound

  3.   (1973) Do we fear demons? Or do we fear mere possession? Remember those scenes in The Exorcist? Demon girl creeping down the staircase like a spider; demon girl’s head spinning like a top; demon girl announcing death to all, then peeing on the floor? Demon girl clearly out of control. Demon girl is (gasp) prepubescent, premenstrual, hormonal! The patriarchy is powerless and must ascribe demon girl demonically possessed. But is she? What’s…