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  1. 1. God, We Used To Have Money

    2. The Corporal Displayed Unspecified Moral Laxity

    3. An Unsuccessful Trip To The Sea-Side

    4. A Cold Collation And A Game Of Cards

    5. Yes But The Shock Would Kill Her

    6. She's Very Close To Being In Our Class But Isn't Quite And That's Terrible

    7. The Bishop Frowned

    8. The Garden Party Is Cancelled

  2. The wind is howling on Pendle Hill on Halloween. It lies in Northern England, and has been described to me as a seductive hill with a macabre, dark past. My friend Rachel and I are climbing the hill – it’s only 4pm, but the sun sets in less than hour. We can see the small villages of Sabden, Colne and Roughlee below us, but we’re far above them now and the hill is deserted except for a pair of…

  3. I am perfectly aware that in more rural parts of the world, eating roadkill is not terribly uncommon, and I have no quarrel with this practice. And yet: this man Arthur Boyt clearly has a basement full of skulls. From Der Spiegel: Proper preparation is especially important because some of the animals he finds have been dead for a few weeks. You can just pick off the maggots and worms, he says, and still enjoy…

  4. English researchers from the University of Leicester digging at the site where the bones of King Richard III were recently found cannot stop discovering additional coffins, even those that were clearly meant to never be disturbed. Underneath the dirt where Richard's bones mouldered lay another coffin. An older coffin, this one made of stone. Within that coffin rests a second coffin made of lead. Within the second coffin is a body. Now the scientists…