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  1. Jeremy, The Handsome Gay Man Who Didn't Want To Get Lunch With Anyone

    Oooh It's Me, Shan't Jeremy

    Everybody Doesn't Like Being Married Or Having Lunch But We'll Do It Anyways

  2. "There's one," she said.
    "Where?" she said. "I don't believe you."
    "Right over there," she insisted. "Look at him."
    She looked. "Well," she said after a moment, "I suppose you're right."
    "It was a little difficult to find him," she said.
    "A little," she agreed.
    "But the important thing is that we found him."
    "We sure did," she said.
    - A Good Man Is Hard To Find, Flannery O'Connor

  3. GASTON: how I tire of wealth and influence
    how money bores me

    MADAME ALVAREZ: we are glad you find time to visit our small apartment
    the electricity is out at the moment, I hope you don't mind

    GASTON: how I tire of my string of wealthy mistresses
    of the eyes of the world, always upon me
    of the endless parties

  4. MARY YELLAN: my name is Mary and I think being a girl is worse than genocide
    JEM: women are terrible but you absolutely have to kiss them
    MARY YELLAN: I'd rather be a ship rat or on fire or a pile of greasy rags named Scumface