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  1. “Some people seemed to get all sunshine, and some all shadow…” --Little Women

    The CW Network recently announced the development of a 'hyper-stylized, gritty adaptation' of Louisa May Alcott's Little Women set in dystopian Philadelphia. Here are our suggestions for what that show could look like. In the year 2266, Contentment has become the most coveted -- and expensive -- resource in the United Colonies of Amerasia. As the March family toils away,…

  2. The Toast's previous literary pilgrimages can be found here. As soon as I say the word “Concord” to the woman selling rail tickets, I’m terrified that she knows everything about me. After all, if you don’t have a car of your own, you have to actually tell someone you want to go to Concord before you can get there. With a population of only 17,000, it’s not a destination for anyone to visit casually.

  3. Previously: Dirtbag Anne of Green Gables.  MEG: Jo what are you doing in Father's office all the time? [JO kicks her steel-toed boots onto the desk] JO: writin smut wanna read it MEG: ...yes   MEG: all right we're off to the play with Laurie JO: don't wait up AMY: can I come too? JO: don't be ridiculous AMY [whispering]: I'm going to burn what you love and marry your boyfriend JO: what AMY:…