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  1. I finally got to see Shanghai Express, which coincidentally was also my first movie with Anna May Wong, which I was TREMENDOUSLY excited about, and who did not disappoint. Oh man, her delivery of "I must confess. I don't quite know the standard of respectability that you demand in your boardinghouse, Mrs. Haggerty" made me lose the entirety of my itness.

  2. Previously in the Femslash Friday series: Frenchy and Rizzo, Grease's butch-femme pairing for the ages. I'm in Hollywood this week for the Turner Classic Film Festival, as is my yearly custom, and for reasons of both convenience and thematic what's-the-word-I-want-it-isn't-congruence-it's-something-else, I have decided to honor classic Hollywood with this week's entry. Let us step back to an era where every Friday was Femslash Friday, when having sex with Mercedes de Acosta and Alla…