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  1. I had got as far as this in thinking the thing out when that "Types of Ethical Theory" caught my eye. I opened it, and I give you my honest word this was what hit me: Of the two antithetic terms in the Greek philosophy one only was real and self-subsisting; and that one was Ideal Thought as opposed to that which it has to penetrate and mould. The other, corresponding to our Nature, was

  2. Previously: A Partial But By No Means Exhaustive List of Egg References in the Works of P.G. Wodehouse "'Talking of being eaten by dogs, there’s a dachshund at Brinkley who when you first meet him will give you the impression that he plans to convert you into a light snack between his regular meals. Pay no attention. It’s all eyewash. His belligerent attitude is simply—' 'Sound and fury signifying nothing, sir?' 'That’s it. Pure swank.

  3. "He couldn't tell me anything I didn't know about the old boy's eccentricity. This Lord Worplesdon was Florence's father. He was the old buster who, a few years later, came down to breakfast one morning, lifted the first cover he saw, said 'Eggs! Eggs! Eggs! Damn all eggs!' in an overwrought sort of voice, and instantly legged it for France, never to return to the bosom of his family. This, mind you, being a bit of luck for the bosom of…

  4. Hullo, old thing! Been a frightfully long time. Don't suppose I've seen you since that school play in sixth grade. Sixth form, rather. Well done,  by the by, simply a smashing performance. I truly believed that we were Sherlock Holmes, standing in front of that classroom, our pipe full of bubbles, just like in the cartoons . . . Ah, were we ever so young? And quite the deduction, finding the Blue Carbuncle after all it had…