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  1. This weekend I asked everyone to send me their best stories about dads and music. I hope very much this brings joy to you.

  2. Pop music and good science need not be mutually exclusive. Yet popular music has often shown itself to be not only disinterested in but entirely without regard for either scientific truth or correct methodology. As an example, we can look to the 1977 song “How deep is your Love?” from the album Saturday Night Fever, by popular bearded combo the Bee Gees: “How deep is your love? / How deep is your love? / How deep is

  3. You ever hear a song and then apologize to other songs because sorry, you’re not this song, I won’t be listening to you ever again? That’s how I’ve felt about “Papaoutai” for the past few weeks. I’m far from the only one in these parts, it seems, as it’s number 2 on the Dutch charts and in the top 10 on both Belgian ones (like everything else in Belgium, there’s a separate chart for the…