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  1. So maybe my favorite part about all of Greek history is that Sappho was just such a BIG GAY BUMMER that it pretty much killed her. (This may or may not be true. 100% of what we know about Sappho is "this may or may not be true," except for the rumor that she threw herself off of a cliff for the love of some male boatman, which is a vile calumny invented by, I…

  2. But you’re always saying Charaxus is coming

    With a full ship. That much, I think, only Zeus

    knows, him and all of the gods.

    It isn’t right for you to think you know these things.


    But send me as a messenger,

    to offer many prayers to Queen Hera

    That Charaxus might arrive here

    with his ship unharmed


    And find us safe.