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  1. Dear Businesslady, I am deeply, frustratingly, maddeningly in love with my female boss. I am also a woman, and I identify as "mostly straight" -- I have only dated men but have had two other deep, frustrating, maddening, ultimately unrequited crushes on women. My boss is five levels above me. She is one of the heads of our company. She knows how I feel, at least in a jokey sense, because our office is

  2. In the course of my daily work, I sometimes find occasion to visit coffee shops, where I am often witness to introductory job interviews. I could not put my finger on what exactly about these interviews bothered me -- other than the inherent degradation -- until this morning, when I heard yet another interviewee respond to the question "Can I get you anything?" with "I'm fine, thanks." This is then followed by no more than…