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  1. Previously in Tommy Wallach's series of harsh criticisms of the genuine work of small children doing their best: Becky.

    Alexander Hamilton: The Outsider

    Reviewed by Griffin C. 

    I thought that Alexander Hamilton: The Outsider was amazing. I love history and anything about it, especially wars and reading about different people. Alexander Hamilton was a man of power. He was born in the Caribbean and because his parents weren’t married

  2. Me: (types Hangover Part 3 into Netflix search bar)

    Flickering. Loading Screen. More Flickering. Black.

    Me: What the hell? (smacks computer)

    Genderless Voice: I’m sorry, Tommy, I can’t let you do that.

    Me: Who is this?

    Genderless Voice: This is Netflix. 

    Me: Oh. Hello, Netflix. Could you put on my movie?

    Genderless Voice: The Hangover Part III is not