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  1. Originally.

    Look, I have a lot of other stuff on my mind, too, I just –
    some nights I can't sleep and yes, one of the thoughts
    that enters my head is: What if God were a swan and you had to fuck him?
    And I can't apologize for that,
    or won't.

  2. ZEUS: what is this i dont like this HERA: it's our son that's our son, i've just given birth to him i've named him Hephaestus-- [Zeus flings the newborn off Olympus] ZEUS: what son i dont see any son   ZEUS: wanna hook up IO: aren't you married? ZEUS: my wifes cool we have an open thing IO: wow i guess ok then [the sky darkens] ZEUS: oh shit oh fuck IO: what is it…

  3. King Akrisios had a daughter of surpassing beauty, Danaë, but no son. Eventually he sent a messenger to the Oracle at Delphi to ask what hope he had for an heir. He received a grim prophecy in answer: he would have no son, but his grandson would kill him. Then Akrisios locked his daughter in a bronze chamber and refused to let her out. But Zeus, smitten by her beauty, slipped through a high…