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Here is the single most useful factoid I ever learned: when you’re renting or borrowing a car, and you’re not sure what side the gas tank is on, it is unnecessary to crane your head or get out and check. That is because the vast majority of dashes have, near or on the fuel gauge, a little picture of a gas pump. Whatever side of the pump the nozzle is drawn on, there shalt you find your gas tank. Sometimes there is a little flag on top instead. Same deal. The picture you’re seeing? Your tank is on the right.

You may have already known that. But many people do not!

I want you to tell me some things you know that may be of use to the rest of us. I will tell you one more first.

If you are in the country, and your mother tells you you’ve “run out of water,” and the cistern is dry and you still have normal human bodily functions and needs, and would like to flush your toilet, you can go out to your rain-barrel (you have one, right?) and get a big bucket full of rainwater, and bring it into the house, and pour it on top of the contents of your toilet bowl, and the toilet will magically flush itself, because apparently most toilets flush when large amounts of water are dumped in, regardless of whether you’ve signaled the toilet to pour water on itself, or just, you know, bucket.

Then you can do that nine or ten times a day.

Okay! Let’s start learning from each other.

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