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Was sir in a state of awareness that bestselling novelist Danielle Steel periodically takes to her blog to air her pet peeves? She does. Her latest , written this past Monday, is when men ask her “Are you still writing?”

From Daniellesteel.net (Ed. note – ANOTHER SUCCESSFUL .NET)

The comment is an immediate put down. It is a way of suggesting that what I do is really not very important. Women NEVER ask me that question. But SOME men do. The men who do, I find, are VERY uncomfortable about my success at what I do, and VERY annoyed by it. The other really ridiculous comment is “You have an AGENT?” Of course I have an agent, I have written 130 books that are sold in 69 countries in 43 languages—they think maybe I write letters by hand and send them to publishers around the world to sell my books? Of course I have an agent (a fabulous one I love). I never say to guys, “So are you still a lawyer?…A doctor?…A brain surgeon?” They would think I’m nuts if I did. But men who are annoyed by women’s success in business have to find a way to put them down. And what better way to insult someone than minimize what they do, imply that it’s really insignificant, and inquire if they’re still doing it? Are you still bungee jumping off your mother’s roof?? Having contests to see how many grapes you can squeeze into your mouth?? (That was so much fun when I was about 8). I was actually a pogo stick champion when I was about 10, and no I am not doing that anymore. But YES, I AM STILL WRITING. In fact, I finished a book about an hour ago.

What a marvelous thing to be able to say. “In fact, I finished a book about an hour ago.” Danielle Steel writes books the way you or I write checks: efficiently and often.

Should this prove insufficient incentive to visit Ms. Steel’s site, allow me to present without commentary the names of several other recent blog posts:

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You cannot tell me you have something else more pressing to do this afternoon. I simply won’t believe you. Questions to consider: If Danielle Steel were a brain surgeon, how many brain surgeries would she have successfully completed since 1981? Are you also often tempted to write her name as Danielle Steele? How great is Family Album? Did you know John Waters was in the movie adaptation? Shouldn’t Faye have left Ward by like, page 100? Ward was worthless.

How much joy does it give you to verbally best men at social functions? A great deal, or more? How many of your male contemporaries do you outshine in your work? Be specific.

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