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Monday is going to be a very special day around here, ducklings.  It will be a day dedicated to the prolific and mysterious Cleo Virginia Andrews and particular her masterwerk Flowers in the Attic.

You have read it, of course, or seen it passed around your seventh-grade classroom from cool girl to cool girl and wondered what it was about. It will be a day of Secrets Revealed, of Analysis, of Predictions. We will be talking with Virginia’s former editor, the woman responsible for bringing Flowers in the Attic to a sexually confused and deeply grateful public. You will love V.C. Andrews Day, this much I can promise. You can also be a part of it, should you care to share.

Have you Flowers in the Atticthemed fanart? Has your poem about My Sweet Audrina languished unpublished too long in a mysterious old oak chest in your second-best parlor? Do you have Opinions about the film adaptation (either the incest-free 1980s version or the upcoming remake starring Ellen Barkin)? Send them to us. Send them all to us at submissions@the-toast.net.

Most of all, send us your ghostly pale paper flowers. Born brightly colored, then slowly fading to yellow and grey.

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