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10. A burger available from a place which is meant to be reminiscient of fast food, but costs more and has a philosophy of some kind.

9. A burger from a place known for their indifferent service and multiple health code violations.

8. A tremendously expensive burger which involves short rib, duck confit, and a gratuitous black truffle thing.

7. Some kind of vegan burger, made of either a texturized protein product or a portobello mushroom.

6. A burger from an actual fast food restaurant, with the comment: “Sometimes you just want to keep it simple.”

5. A burger which cannot fit into a human mouth, and contains an amount of overheated fluid which cannot be contained by any napkin made by man.

4. A burger which is served between two things which are not traditionally used as buns, usually sweet in nature.

3. The burger you can only get at lunch at Peter Luger, with a proviso about the rudeness of the waiters.

2. A burger which can be purchased from a food truck by patrons who know its codename: “Fred.”

1. The burger at Corner Bistro.

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