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  1. I am Troy McClure, you are the pasty, hungry child.

    If you are a vegetarian, I respect that 100% and I encourage you to skip this recipe.

    (looks around)

    Okay. I like to eat a half pound of beef for dinner about three times a week, and this is unbelievably delicious and easy and PERSONALLY I think that grass-fed beef is very good for you and excellent

  2. Ruby Tuesday's ad campaign, 2013: "Ruby Tuesday's latest ad campaign is drawing attention to the "hot, buttery" buns used in a new line of pretzel cheeseburgers by encouraging customers to have #FunBetweenTheBuns. The casual dining mega-chain is combining a series of four entirely unsubtle video spots (featuring what one might call "mood music" and a flirtatious female voiceover) with an open call for customers to post pictures of their burgers on Twitter and Instagram with the…

  3. 10. A burger available from a place which is meant to be reminiscient of fast food, but costs more and has a philosophy of some kind. 9. A burger from a place known for their indifferent service and multiple health code violations. 8. A tremendously expensive burger which involves short rib, duck confit, and a gratuitous black truffle thing. 7. Some kind of vegan burger, made of either a texturized protein product or a portobello…