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me and the guys are renting a yacht and heading to Croatia for this open-air festival
want to come??
oh are you guys still doing that?
well its not like a rental but we know a guy who says we can use his boat and he’s super cool
when are you leaving?
mmm idk lemme check
oh also
we don’t have any sleeping space left on the yacht
but we’re just gonna take peyote the whole way there so you won’t even need a bed
just art
you know?
how long does it take to sail to Croatia
haha omg
holy shit
so i just talked to Dan and we’re like
halfway there already i guess

you guys already left?
haha i know right
that’s so fucked up
i don’t even remember leaving
we’re like
somewhere in the fucking ocean right now

u should come over
come over to the ocean?
hell yes
hell yes come to the ocean

it’s gonna be amazing
oh and when you come can you bring food and also money for food and also some money for tickets?
i didnt bring any of my stuff with me

where are you in the ocean?
ahh i gotta go they’re opening the keg
see u sooooooon

i brought you another flower
Oh thanks
thank you
It’s fragile but also valuable
That’s very true
like friendship
Yes, it is, isn’t it
But it isn’t going to last very long away from its roots
Do you see what I mean

I do
the flower is a metaphor
it is a metaphor
for me

ahh, Peter
Peter, my old friend Peter, you’ve come back to see me at last
I fear I have grown a great deal since the last time we met
oh ahhh sorry did i wake u up
I am a woman now, and an old woman at that
im literally not even here ok
i just like
you said to come by if i ever needed anything
and i just needed to borrow some money for a thing
Well, of course, Peter
anything you need
I’ll get my pocketbook
oh no dont worry i already – its fine ive got what i need
come into the drawing room and talk with me a while, Peter
is your skin still doing that folding thing
I am old
I have wrinkles now
yeah haha
to be super honest hospitals freak me out
so i don’t think i can stay real long
it’s not a hospital, Peter
I am old but I am not dying
right right
i can’t come in the house cos i haven’t been invited

ahh sorry but thats like how my powers work
Is that not true of vampires?
well yeah
vampires and me too

I invite you in, Peter
I invite you
Come sit with me and talk a while
ahhh sorry new phone who is this

will you draw me another flower please
another one?
yes please
a big one this time
a flower with the heart of a princess

the heart of a princess
yes but you mustn’t draw the princess
i must only be able to sense her in the drawing of the flower

what happened to the last flower i drew for you
a fox took it
a fox?
a fox in a wooden top hat and a greatcoat made of whist came by and asked if he could have it
he said it cured his arthritis

if i draw you another flower
do you think you will be able to hang onto it?
i cannot predict what a fox will need
no right of course
well if i draw you another flower will you at least tell me where you’ve been sleeping and showering and getting food?
because my plane is still nowhere near fixed and i’m almost out of water
now you are speaking like a grownup again
now when i look at my flower all i will think of is your greed
your lust for money
your inability to see true beauty

i’m just so thirsty all the time
you know my plane was shot down because I was in the war
I was in a war
i must go now
just tell me where you’re getting water
my planet needs me

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