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EJ Graff asks: what’s next for the gay rights movement? Spoiler: “breaking the nation out of its gender straitjacket.”

I made this for dinner last night (a comical marital misunderstanding having left boneless, SKINLESS chicken breasts in my fridge, the horror) with sauteed spinach/garlic/red pepper flakes on the side, and it was incredible and then for breakfast I served the leftover sauce over fried eggs. WHAT.

Bertolli is proud to make the pasta preferred by most same-sex historical literary couples.

The strange beauty of cults.

Why the death penalty is a terrible way to deal with sex crimes in India.

The SNL Girls parody is as good as you heard.

“On the morning my mother called me out of sleep, I had been holding my breath. Being Big Sister is a lifetime of holding your breath for terrible phone calls. When she was a toddler–even back then, so clearly and devastatingly bright and charming and daring–I thought the calls would only be about what my sister did to the world. As my sister got older,  my fears evolved into how the world would tend to her.”

“THE VCE exam body has apologised and promised no students will be disadvantaged after a doctored image depicting a giant robot assisting socialist revolutionaries in 1917 was accidentally used in a history exam.”

The ocean is fucked.

E. Jean Carroll’s 1992 Esquire piece on NBA groupies is online via Deadspin:

She accelerates and the percussion of the motor fills the front seat. “First of all. I will not go to sleep without an orgasm. No. Not with any man I’ve been with. And I don’t fake orgasms.”

I am from the East Coast. I am surprised to hear women still have orgasms.

Contestants for the international titles of LeatherBoy and LeatherSir (link NSFW, but less NSFW than you might think) are no longer required to be cis-men, as long as they are still gay dudes who look good in leather.

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