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  1. Nothing better illustrates the senselessness of the human condition than the poetry of T.S. Eliot, except perhaps the humble toil of our machines. Like us, robots are constantly seeking and striving for meaning. Observe as these hopeless automatons stave off death, fulfill their simple functions, and seek fleeting connections with other souls.


    “At the still point of the turning world. Neither flesh nor fleshless; Neither from nor towards; at the still point, there the…

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  3. My friend M is a virologist who works for a biotech firm where it's their job to tend the robots. Last fall they completed FemSexNYC, “a sexuality workshop rooted in an anti-oppression framework for all gender identities.” Needless to say, we talk a lot about the boundaries between technology and humans and about sensuality and sexuality. Recently, we spoke by phone about robotics and erotics.

    Can you give a baseline and just

  4. I would never, ever ask you to read a 5000 word short story about a robot family if I didn't absolutely love it. This is GREAT. - Ed.

    The robot family upstairs has a mother, a father, 1.5 children and a dog. The l.0 of the children is a robot girl, the .5 is a baby boy. He cries at regular intervals throughout the day, like an alarm going off. Emily could set

  5. EJ Graff asks: what's next for the gay rights movement? Spoiler: "breaking the nation out of its gender straitjacket."


    I made this for dinner last night (a comical marital misunderstanding having left boneless, SKINLESS chicken breasts in my fridge, the horror) with sauteed spinach/garlic/red pepper flakes on the side, and it was incredible and then for breakfast I served the leftover sauce over fried eggs. WHAT.