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Well, “could” is relative. But I like to spend a little time every day scrounging through the market finds at One King’s Lane (also to find things for rich idiots), looking for gems, which I occasionally buy and then sit on and give away as presents. I mean, it’s online, which means that “scrounging” is “scrolling,” but sometimes you click and it’s already “in another member’s cart,” which adds the allure of the chase. Hm. Okay, anyway, I enjoyed these things today, some ironically and some non-ironically.

Remember, old decorative stuff is never the wrong size.

French 4th Prize Medal ($175)

This is literally the most appropriate thing you could buy to tell your French blacksmith he’s the fourth-best French blacksmith you’ve ever had.

Marcel Boucher Duck Brooch ($199)

No, that’s really pretty, even though it mostly makes me think of foie gras, because huge distended liver part.

The Girl Scouts of the Round Table ($25)

Everyone loves the Girl Scouts.

Screen Shot 2013-10-01 at 10.59.25 AM
Broad-Nosed Eel, 1878 ($99)

You can never have too many 19th century illustrations of eels to never get around to framing.

Goblets, set of four ($99)

For all your Game of Thrones pre-orgy needs.

Danish Modern Sauce Dishes, Pair ($45)

One for ketchup, one for mustard.

Hammered Silver Napkin Rings, set of five ($49)

Because no one uses napkin rings, you can buy them from literally any decade of human history and they’ll be in great shape.

Art Deco Cigarette Dispenser ($145)

Don’t smoke! But go look at it because there are all these little brass things your cigarettes can stick out of!

Kodak Diomatic Folding Camera and Case ($149)

I don’t actually know what you would do with this, unless you or your partner is a photographer who is also into old-timey things,

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