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Maybe the greatest cat-based listicle of the 21st century.

This dad who wrote into Dear Prudie is out of his goddamn MIND.

Elon Green sat down with Gay Talese, and they went through literally every line of “Frank Sinatra Has a Cold.”

You can read an excerpt from my contribution to the Hairpin Travel Serial here, and you could buy the WHOLE THING here, for $1.99.

“I’m gay. I date men. Some of those men have vaginas.”

The guys who wrote the excellent Game of Shadows have returned to take down the NFL and their stony refusal to deal with the post-concussive trauma of their players.

A whole bunch of free pulp e-books!

This blind item is totally that religious Baldwin brother, right?

“Twice as Good”: Olivia Pope and her dad. For commentary on the same, Salon. Don’t read the comments. You were warned. I mean, I didn’t even read them, because this is not my first time at the “Anything About People of Color on Salon” rodeo.  Oh, GOD, please watch the OITNB actresses reenact it.

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